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медицинская клиника
Санкт-Петербург, набережная реки Мойки, д. 78.


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2.07.18 г.

Огромное спасибо за превосходный сервис и грамотных специалистов. У вас самая лучшая клиника. Отдельное спасибо бригаде анестезиологов, эндоскопистов и заведующей стационарным отделением.

27.06.18 г.

Я, Сидоркина Галина Михайловна, второй раз в вашей клинике. Я в восторге от отношения мед. персонала. За чуткое, доброе внимание ко мне. Сегодня я благодарю Алейникова Антона Владимировича. Вы супер, вр-анестезиолога Константинова Сергея Борисовича. Вы для меня, Вы для меня, как родной и близкий стали за эти дни когда я проводила в клинике. Хочу отметить Цветкову Таисию и Чеченову Саният за доброе, отличное отношение.

19.06.18 г.

В восторге и с великой благодарностью за чуткое, внимательное и квалифицированное исполнение всеми сотрудниками клиники: от сотрудниц ресепшена, медсестры Карины, анестезиологов, терапевта, гинекологов и особенно Абесадзе Лерия Георгиевича. Большое спасибо!

27.03.18 г.

Хочу поблагодарить медсестру на 4 этаже за владение информацией по текущим результатам лечения моего отца. Приятный профессионализм. Отдельно благодарю за приветливость в общении. Прощу поощрить.

23.03.18 г.

Хочу поблагодарить травматолога Родникова С.А. за высокий профессионализм и доброжелательное отношение к пациентам. Спасибо!!!

4.02.18 г.

Выражаю благодарность доктору Орлову А.В. за высокопрофессиональный приём.

9.01.18 г.

Спасибо Александру Бойко за то, что аккуратно взял анализ крови — это единственный человек, который за последние полгода попал мне в вену с 1 раза (сложные вены).

Dear Dr. Danilevich, I am writing to say "THANK YOU" to you and your wonderful staff. My husband, John M., and I flew to St. Petersburg to join a Viking River Cruise on Tuesday, July 19. Unfortunately, on Thursday, July 21 John was admitted to your hospital with a serious case of pneumonia. From the moment we arrived, your staff took good care of us. John's case was assigned to Dr. Markovich (a wonderful man) and after a chest x-ray showed significant fluid in his lungs, he was admitted. We were immediately assigned to Anush who, with the help of Eugenie Fedorov, provided us absolutely excellent case management. They were both extremely helpful during the time we were there. The ladies at your reception desk were also so helpful, patiently answering my many questions and helping me with details through our ordeal. Our travel insurance company handled all the arrangements necessary to get us home to the US, with the help of a nurse/escort, and your staff was very willing to help coordinate all the details. We left for home on Sunday, July 24. Needless to say, we did not have the kind of vacation on which we had planned. However, thanks to the expertise, kindliness, and caring of your entire staff. what could have been a scary experience and a total disaster, was turned into an experience where we felt very safe and cared for. We have shared with our many friends the wonderful care we received in your hospital. Thank you again,
Bonnie M.
Dear Elena, We arrived home safely just before midnight on Thursday. The travel arrangements all went to plan and we got the necessary assistance at the airports to make our way through security and passport control. Susan's recovery is going well. She has seen her GP and a referral to the local fracture clinic is in progress. Thank you for the excellent medical care Susan received and all the support and advice provided during our stay. It was not possible to thank everyone personally so please let your colleagues know how grateful we are. Kind regards and with our very best wishes.
David and Susan Hearn
Hello Elena, I arrived to Santo Domingo yesterday at night... I have your email to the insurance company... Thanks a lot for all your help, your friendliness, courtesy and especially your high value of humanity. I will call to the insurance company today and keep you informed. Thanks and remember you have two friends in Mexico and Dominican Republic. Regards.
Ernestina y Eugenia